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If you are thinking about adding many YouTube videos to your website, you should consider adding instead a YouTube Playlist. Adding a Playlist to your Adobe Muse site will reduce the size of it and it will load faster. Visitors will not need to scroll down to watch all your videos, they will just have to click on next or let it play continuously. Add more video content in just one widget and save space!

In this post you can download the Free Responsive Youtube Playlist Widget and learn how to use it.

  1. Download the Free Youtube Playlist Widget that you can find at the bottom of this post and drag the widget to your website.
  2. You can resize it as you want or stretch it to browsers width.



3. If you open the widget options, you can also set a customized height. This will enable the widget to be responsive by setting a different height for different breakpoints. Usually, when you directly copy and paste Youtube Playlist Embed code you will find problems making it responsive, since it sets fixed height and width.


  1. Paste you playlist ID in widget options.

How to get your Playlist ID

  • On YouTube, go to the desired playlist.
  • Click on the URL.
  • An example of a Playlist ID is highlighted. You should copy all the numbers and letters after “list=”


  • Make sure you are copying just the Playlist ID. Sometimes you will find other parameters after or before Playlist ID. In this case you should copy all the letters and numbers from “list=” to “&” Symbol like in the example below.





Free Download


Watch the tutorial for more information.


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