How do the different libraries in Muse work?

If you are a Muse beginner, you are probably struggling with all the tools and panels and learning how to use them. Getting familiar with how everything works is very important.

Panels are a great way to organize your workflow. You can use Swatches Panel to keep the colors you are using accesible, the Layers Panel to organize all the elements of your site in different layers, or the Assets Panel where you can find all the assets used in your website.

Some panels can be confusing and usually Muse users mix up the different Libraries. New users might be thinking: where are my Muse Widgets? I am looking at the Widget library and I cannot find my Purchased widget.

 There are 3 libraries and they have different purposes. In this post you are going to learn the difference among them and what can we find in each.

  • Widget Library

In this library you will find all the built-in widgets of Adobe Muse. You have buttons, slideshows, menus and compositions to get your website started. Here you will only find the built-in widgets. If you download a third party widget, you will not find it here, you will find it in Library Panel.  


  • CC Libraries

If you are a Creative Cloud Subscriber, you have a CC Library in all your applications. With this Library you can download assets from the Creative Cloud that you can use for free, keep your most used assets and swatches and share them through all the applications. Your logo is probably your most used assets, so why not keep it in this library and easily access it in Phosothop, Illustrator and Muse.


  • Library

It is very common for users to mix up the Widget Library and Library. As we have mentioned above, here you can find all the third party widgets. Once you have installed the mulib, you will find the widget here. As an example, if you download our Free Youtube Playlist Widget or Purchase our Ratings & Reviews Widget, you will find the widgets in this library.



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