How to eliminate disposable email addresses from your list of subscribers

DEA stands for Disposable email addresses. They are disposable email accounts that many users use to register on sites and in this post, we are going to talk about DEA and how to get rid of these emails.

When you offer freebies on your site in exchange for a user’s email, some users might be using fake emails to download your freebie. They know that by adding their email and agreeing your terms of use, their data will go into your database for commercial purposes like joining your newsletter. Then, what happens with these emails? Well, even though they aren’t real emails, they still go into your database, and the platform that you use to send out your newsletters might be charging you for this unreal subscriber.

To avoid extra costs, you should clean your list and there is a great free online tool that can do this job for you: DEA cleaner from Netgrows.

Download your list of subscribers into a CSV file or any list separated by rows and paste your data into List 1. In list 2 you can see around 500 most known suppliers of disposable email addresses. Click on Remove DEA button and you are done, you have a clean list.

What the tool does is, just by clicking a button, it eliminates these fake emails. You can also add more suppliers if you know others that aren’t on the list.

Cleaning your list and eliminating disposable emails is recommended each time you import new subscribers to your list. It’s a quick task and it will guarantee that your newsletter reaches your real subscribers.


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