How to create a website for a Music Band in Adobe Muse

If you have a Music band or you are a solo singer, Band One Page template is a great template to build your website and show the world your music. In this tutorial I am going to show you how to add more content to a template and what you have to take into account while making changes. In this video I am going to add more embedded players and concert dates, so we will need to adjust the content in all breakpoints and all the anchor links. No matter if you are using this template or any other, read the post or watch the video to see what you need to know while editing a template.

  1. Plan your website and think which sections need more content. Make some space by dragging down the content below that section.edit-band-template2
  2. We are going to include more embedded players from Soundcloud and MySpace. If you are a musician, you can upload your music to one of these platforms and embed a player to your website. You will usually find an embed button or link near the player. Find the code and copy it.edit-band-template3
  3. In Muse, go to Object -> Insert HTML and paste the code. Repeat this step as many times as you need.edit-band-template4
  4. To include more dates, drag down the content below the section to make more space and copy the icons and text. Edit this section as you need.edit-band-template5
  5. Now You should adjust the anchor links and all the content in all breakpoints. You can use “Copy size and position” option to save time.edit-band-template1Watch tutorial

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