Embed 3D models in Adobe Muse

If you have ever wondered how to add 3d files or models to your Adobe Muse website, now you can easily do it. Sharing complex files like 3d models can be very challenging. Viewing the models online can also be very difficult as users sometimes would need to download a specific software.

In Adobe Muse Muse you can embed HTML, a source code generated by a third party website. In this tutorial you will learn how to embed an interactive view of a 3d model in your Adobe Muse website. 

The best option is to upload or get a model from a third party like Sketchfab. You can upload your own model or you can choose one from the community. Here you can find many designs created with different 3D modelling software tools like Cinema 4d, Blender, SketchUp, Solidworks, AutoCAD or 3ds Max. Visit their website here and select your option. Follow the steps below to embed your model:

  1. Go to Sketchfab to upload your own model or choose one. Click on it to watch a preview. Then click on Embed button and copy the code to your clipboard.



2. Open Muse and go to Object -> Insert HTML. A window will open and just have to paste the code and click on OK. A preview will be generated in Muse Design Mode. Preview the model in the browser so you can get a look at what you will see. It is an interactive model so you can zoom in and out and move around the 3D model.



Watch the video for more information

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