Create a Slideshow in Muse – Chapter 4

In this chapter you will learn how to create a basic slideshow in Adobe Muse. You will use a built in widget that you can find in the Widget Library. You can choose among several widgets, but as a Muse beginner, I recommend to follow the tutorial and create a basic slideshow.

Slideshows are usually in the homepage, below the menu bar and the logo. You can use slideshows to highlight the most important parts of your website. As it is the first element that a user will see, it is important to catch their attention with the slideshow.

You can highlight new products, new offers, discounts or show your most important projects. This is the most common use of a slideshow, but you can also use it in other pages of your Adobe Muse website.

You can add transition effects, buttons, thumbnails or event try to combine it with other built in widgets. In this tutorial you will learn the basic steps to create your own slideshow.

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