Create an Image gallery in Muse – Chapter 5

If you are a photographer, graphic designer or in your business you need to show some of your projects to your web users, an Image gallery is the best option to show it. In Adobe Muse Widget Library you can find a Lightbox widget inside the slideshow folder. You can use this widget as a slideshow, but in this tutorial, you will learn how to modify it and turn it into an image gallery.

The lightbox widget is ideal for an image gallery. This widget has two parts, a visible on (thumbnails) and what appears once you click on the thumbnails (lightbox) and you get to design how both parts will look. The lightbox widget will actually work like a lightbox (mostly photographers are more familiar with this term). When you click on the thumbnail, the image will appear larger on your screen and the rest will be faded in a dark color. You can switch from one picture to another or go back to the thumbnails.

You will also learn how to make this image gallery responsive. We will adapt the size of the thumbnail and the lightbox in each breakpoint. Also, to add some interaction to the Coworking template, we will include some rollover effects on the thumbnails.

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