How to collect files in Dropbox from your Adobe Muse website

An easy way to send or collect many files or big files is using Dropbox. They have created a new feature called File requests to make it easier to share files. You just send out a link and all the files will appear in your Dropbox.

You can receive files from anyone, even if they do not have a Dropbox account, as they can choose the files from three computer and throw it into your Dropbox. Emails usually have a limit size of 25MB but in Dropbox you can send files as large as 2GB… that is a big difference!

Imagine if you want to collect photos from a specific event, or collect essays or files and set a deadline. With Dropbox file request you can do it. You create a folder, name it as you like and send out the link. All files will drop inside that folder. Also, after you reached the deadline, no files will be accepted.

You can get the link and hyperlink a state button in your Adobe Muse website. This link will redirect the user to a page where they can chose the file they want to send from their own desktop or from their Dropbox account. Only the owner of the account will be able to see the files.

Get your account set and share the link with your users. Collect files in a neat way, all in the same folder.

Watch the tutorial for more detailed information.

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