How to check if your website is malware infected and prevent a hack

It is very important to keep your website safe. Your site’s security is important for you and for your users, to maintain your reputation and privacy. There are many sites nowadays that have important information from your users like passwords and credit card information. For this reason, you need to keep a secure environment on your site.

There are some signs to know that your site has been hacked:

  • Whenever you enter the URL, you get a big red sign that says “this site ahead contains malware“. Most of your customers will find out that they have been infected by malware when they see this sign.
  • The emails that you send will go directly into the spam folder.
  • Your hosting has disabled your site.

These are just some of the warning signs that tell you that your site is malware-infected. If you are suspicious, or you want to check your vulnerabilities, there are tools online that scan URLs. In this tutorial, we will scan two different URLs and compare the reports.

We are going to use a tool called Sucuri and scan NASA official site and a suspicious URL that I have picked from my spam folder. For security reasons, I won’t type the URL in this post, but you can watch the tutorial below for more information. It’s the kind of spam mail that encourages you to click on the URL to see something.

We scanned both URLs and, even though NASA’s site shows some vulnerabilities, like the CMS is outdated, I am positive that NASA has got firewalls and a great professional team behind the website, so I don’t think it’s that vulnerable. When we scanned the second URL, all the warnings of malware show up.

You can scan your site and check your vulnerabilities. If the report shows that you have been malware infected, please contact a professional to solve this problem as soon as possible as it is very serious.


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