The best free powerful PowerPoint presentations to stand out

PowerPoint is the most popular software to create professional presentations for meetings, business proposals or school presentations for teachers and students. It is a familiar tool where you can quickly edit, view and share your presentations. In this post, we have collected the best free PowerPoint templates to create powerful and creative presentations that will stand out for sure among your coworkers.

  1. Lab Safety
    A simple presentation for students and teachers, for any kind of classroom needs. You can easily add images, duplicate slides and edit the content of each slide with your presentation. Fit for small school presentations and people who want to make a quick presentation.
  2. 4th coffee
    This template is suitable for any business presentation as it is simple, clean and modern. This is a free PowerPoint presentation template that Microsoft Office offers on their webpage.
  3. KentIf you want to make a creative PowerPoint presentation, Kent is your template. It’s full of colors and infographics, and you get more than 30 slides, all differently designed to make a unique presentation that will surely impress.
  4. Corporate
    This powerful PowerPoint template has 8 slides with different designs where you can visually present your content. You will grab your audience’s attention from the beginning of this presentation. You can change the color, the text, and the layout to suit your companies presentation.
  5. Back to school
    More than 30 slides, with different designs and graphics that are 100% editable. You can resize them and change the color as you want. This template is fit for educational purposes. You will find a pack of 135 different icons by the end of the template that you can easily edit.
  6. Alphabet BlocksThis template is versatile, as it can be used for business presentations or for school presentations. There are more than 30 slides in this template, each of them has a different layout and you also get a pack of 135 icons that are fully editable.
  7. Porto
    A clean and minimal template, for elegant presentations. This template is fit for branding presentations that want to make an impact in a few slides.
  8. Corporate Sales Management
    Present important data, stats, and graphics from your company. This PowerPoint template has 10 slides that will help you save lots of time creating a powerful presentation.

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