Building an Adobe Spark page – Introduction to the tool

Spark is a new Adobe web app where you can create, as Adobe says, stories in a professional layout. You can create stories in a webpage, in a video and even with graphic designs. In this video, I chose to use Spark for the first time and try to recreate “Only in Patagonia” example page and I wanted to share with you my thoughts, my first impressions while using this new app.

I find it very easy to use, intuitive so you do not need to have advance skills to learn how to build a page. As you can see in the video, I was a bit stuck looking for a way to get a personalised background until I figured out that this could not be possible. I must say that, as a professional, I did miss the ability to personalise a bit more these pages, or, in other words, a bit more of freedom design.

A great feature is that you have many options to get images: from your desktop, from google images, from Adobe stock and even from Unsplash and Pixabay which are free for commercial and personal use.  All the elements are drag & drop and you are ready! The animation affects come with each block, so you do not need any widget, plugin or write any code to animate the sections.

If you are a student or you need to make a quick presentation, I think Adobe Spark is a great tool. The presentation will look really professional in a just a few clicks. But if you are a real professional, I might say that you will not find this tool that useful as you will not be able to export the page nor upload it into your personal domain.

Watch the video for the full first impression and have a laugh!


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