Product Description


Adobe Muse Ratings and Reviews Widget.

Add ratings and reviews to your website and show them in Google Search engine results page (SERP). Reviews and ratings are indicators of quality, confidence and credibility. Now you can show your positive reviews of your Adobe Muse website pages in Google and standout from your competition.

Displaying rich snippets increases click through rates (CTR) and will attract more potential customers. In a Google search, star ratings will draw customers attention to that page and will encourage them to click on that URL than on others that do not have any ratings.


Screenshot of  how your Google results will look like.


Visitors are more likely to purchase from sites which have star ratings and they also trust more the reviews from other customers than your own descriptions. Customers will want to see other customers recommendations before purchasing or visiting your site.



  • No Database required.
  • You can use this widget on one page or multiple URL.
  • This widget uses schema markups.
  • Based on CSV files that any PHP compatible server without database should be able to read and write. Note that Business Catalyst Hosting does not support PHP.
  • Nice pagination with different effects.
  • Styling options to customize the widget as you like.
  • Control Panel with protected login.
  • Read, modify and delete reviews via Control Panel.
  • Export & backup your comments with one click (CSV Download).
  • Export reviews and open them with Excel.
  • You can set “Default” font and use any Typekit or web font selected in Adobe Muse.
  • Ajax coding: reduces spam a lot since spam bots will not be able to see the submit form.


  • Bug fixes.
  • Added compatibility with special characters from different languages.
  • Added compatibility with adaptive Muse sites.
  • Added optional absolute path widget where you can set your absolute ratings.php URL. That will allow you to run this widget in complex Muse sites.


  • Anti spam protection added: Google reCAPTCHA V2.
  • Get your site API key for free at
  • Leave empty API key to disable captcha. Remember to replace test API key for your own to remove “testing purposes” message.


  1. Open & edit ratings.php with Notepad++ (or another software that will not change file encoding).
  2. Change at least username, password and csvname values (do not use default values to increase security).
  3. Add Widget element into your Muse Workspace.
  4. Attach ratings.php file in widget settings, you will see how preview changes showing you dummy comments.
  5. Customize as you want and upload your website to any PHP compatible server.
  6. Once you have uploaded it, write your first comment and refresh page to see reviews and ratings results over submit form.


  1. If you did not change your filename, your backend login screen will appear in
  2. Visit control panel URL and enter the username and password you set up previously.
  3. Using control panel you can check all comments received, edit or delete them.





We do not provide user and password to demo to keep our comments clean. If you want to try control panel, contact us.