Product Description


Image Zoom Adobe Muse Widget

You can enlarge images on mouseover, touch, grab or click. You can choose among 4 effect types and many other cursor types. Just attach a photo to the widget, select the desired effect and the image will dynamically zoom.

Effect Types: mouseover, grab, click and toggle. Type desired value in Effect Type box.

Cursor Types: most common values are default, pointer or move, but you can choose a lot of other cursors. Available values: alias, all-scroll, auto, cell, context-menu, col-resize, copy, crosshair, default, e-resize, ew-resize, grab, grabbing, help, move, n-resize, ne-resize, nesw-resize, ns-resize, nw-resize, nwse-resize, no-drop, none, not-allowed, pointer, progress, row-resize, s-resize, se-resize, sw-resize, text, URL, vertical-text, w-resize, wait, zoom-in, zoom-out, initial, inherit. Check descriptions in



  1. Add the widget into Muse workspace.
  2. Attach the image.
  3. Add an image description.
  4. Select effect and cursor type.