Product Description


The Social content locking widget can boost your social traffic. It is wise to do anything that increases Facebook, Google, twitter fans. Many bloggers are using this to get more and more shares so give people a reason why they need to click the social buttons!

The Content Locker Pro simply requires a user to share on one of the major social platforms in order to gain access to the locked content. A clever way to put your website to another level and increase your social engagement.

This Adobe Muse widget allows you to automatically hide any content to users until they share it on Facebook, Twitter and/or Google. It supports multiple backgrounds and text colors, it also lets you choose what social buttons you want to include: Facebook like, Twitter share or Google Plus One.

Main Features of Content Locker Pro:

  • This widget allows you to hide any content placed in a secret container rectangle.
  • You can customize background color, transparency, text color, and more settings.
  • You can select to show only some social buttons or all of them.


1. Drop a new widget to Adobe Muse.
2. Select your own widget settings.
3. Select what social buttons to show.
4. Place your secret content inside widget rectangle (you will see a container below buttons)


  • Secret rectangle fixed.

Free Version:

You can test our free version with credits and without premium support before purchasing this item.