How to use the pin tool and state buttons in Muse – Chapter 7

There are two pin tools in Adobe Muse. Once is used to pin elements to the browser and the other is used to pin elements to the page. In this chapter you will learn how to use both tools.

These tools are useful when you want to create a fixed menu. When you scroll down the page, the menu will always be visible, like if it is sticked. Also, you can use it for a banner or a button that you always want visible no matter how bis the browser is or how down you are scrolling.

Also, the different pin tools interact differently when you resize the elements. You can set an element to keep the same distance from the right and the top of the page, but it will react differently when you set its resize to none than to responsive width and height.

As we know that this is hard to explain, it is always better to watch the tutorial and start testing on your own. You can create different situations that will inspire your future projects in Adobe Muse. 

Also, on previous chapters we talked about state buttons and how to use them. In this chapter we will cover other uses and create rollover effects with other web elements.

Watch the video for more detailed information.


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