The new branding and logo of Hawker Aero GPUs

The new branding, logo and website of Hawker Aero GPUs have been launched.

The aviation ground power unit brand in Europe, Hawker Aero, has updated their branding creating a new logo, visual branding and a new website based in the European market.


A GPU or starter for helicopters and aircraft is used to reduce the strain on the engine of these vehicles and to get them into the air with a ground power source in the form of a portable gpu for aircraft.

From light runway aircraft such as the Cessna 150/152 or Diamond DA20, to heavy jets such as the Gulfstream G650 or Bombardier Global Express, to all intermediate models of aeroplanes and helicopters.

Aviation GPUs from Hawker Aero / Navirnet are the best choice for starting aircraft and helicopters. One of the main advantages of these GPUs is that they are compatible with most aircraft models on the market, whether they are new or old.

The capability of a good GPU is measured by the amount of power it can supply, the lightness of the battery that makes it easy or difficult to transport, and above all, the volts and amps it provides for a given time. A GPU’s ability to supply power means that it can be compatible with different types of aircraft.

Hawker Aero brand available in Europe
This GPU brand has long been a market leader in government and military aircraft in Asia and is now available in Europe through official distributor Navirnet under its Hawker Aero Europe brand. Hawker Aero / Navirnet GPUs stand out mainly for their improved performance over the rest of the market (more amps and higher peak power) as well as their competitive price for this level of advanced features.

Hawker Aero Europe is looking for dealers and distributors

From Navirnet, an aviation company with more than 20 years of experience, we are pleased to present to you our new product and this business opportunity.

Our brand of aviation ground power units, Hawker Aero, has started in Europe with a great volume of sales and with fantastic acceptance. End customers are giving very good feedback and recommending the product due to its excellent performance and reliability.

We would like to offer the distribution of this product to companies in the aviation sector that have the experience and ability to work hard. We are sure it will be beneficial for both parties.

I trust in your interest to establish a strong and transparent partnership. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further details.


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