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If you are looking to show different content based on your visitor’s country, this is the widget that you need!

Filtering content is now possible. Sometimes “customising” content for a specific audience, language group or country is necessary. It is like if you tried to access google.com from the UK, you would be redirected automatically to google.co.uk

This Adobe Muse widget allows you to redirect visitors from any country of the world to a different URL. You can add multiple widgets per page, and redirect the website to different URL,  but you should never exceed 1000 API requests in 24 hours. Each widget added in a page will use 1 request each time page loads. See rate limits for more info.



  • Show/hide content to users based on their IP or location.
  • Filter out bot traffic.
  • Disable areas for specific countries.



  1. Add widget into Muse workspace.
  2. Set up 2 chars country code (ISO 2 code).
  3. Set up redirection URL.
  4. When visitors from a selected country visit your website, they will be automatically redirected to destination URL.



  • Added new .mulib file compatible with https websites.






5 reviews for Custom Content By Country

  1. Connor

    Great idea, love it

  2. Alex

    Great idea, should be possible to block access only to certain content in website without redirecting

    • responsive-muse

      Thank you! We think redirection is easier way for most users, but we will consider your suggestion 🙂

  3. Merxhan (verified owner)

    First of all this was my idea to create this Widget hahaah
    Second you did well.. all the widget is Ok working fine. And Fast Support!

  4. MJ

    Cool!! very easy to use and works fine. Is it there a max number of widgets (redirections) per page?

    • responsive-muse

      Thanks! No, there is no max number, but if you exceed 1000 API request per day free API will stop working.

  5. Kate J

    well done, great widget. Happy that is included in premium access 😀

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