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Separators are common elements in web design to distinguish different parts of a webpage. As an example, you can separate a title from the rest of the text with this widget or different blocks from one another. Using separators enhances visual interest and makes your website more attractive. All the information in your website will look more structured and neat.

The Cool Separator Widget for Adobe Muse allows you to create separators with Font Awesome, which means that you can choose among more than 600 icons! The icon is displayed in the middle of the separator line and you can add a shadow, color to the different elements, play with its size and make your own adjustments in our widget settings.


– Colors: control icon color, circle border color and line color. You can also select background color and opacity level.
– Show or hide shadow.
– Icon Size (pixels).
– Icon Align (px): insert pixels desviation of circle (relative to separator line). You should change Icon Align setting only when you use bigger Icon Sizes.
– Margin Top: icon top separation (pixels).
– Shadow Height (px): use small Shadow Height for better results (1 px recommended).
– Add as many separators as you want!

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  1. Fabio

    like this widget..

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