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banner-transpAdobe Muse Contribute Widget.

Are you running a contest on your website and you want users to submit their file directly to your site? Do you want other users to be able to see all the submissions? With the Adobe Muse Contribute Widget you can submit .jpg, .png, .gif, .pdf, .zip or any kind of file extension and view them in an interactive gallery. You can choose to moderate the content in a Control Panel and approve all submissions.

This widget is adaptable and versatile. Here you can find some ideas about what you can do with it:

User submit / Image upload Muse gallery

You can create an interactive gallery that all your users can use to upload pictures. Images will display in a lightbox where you can customize the size of the thumbnails and the transition effect among other options.

Engage your audience by encouraging your visitors to share their content from events that relate to your business. Let them share their experiences with images, give them the chance to win something in a Photography contest or just make it easier to share files among people.

File Browser Muse Widget

Have you ever wanted to create a Muse website where you can share files like in Dropbox or Google Drive? With this widget you can customize your own File Manager and let users uplaod .zip, PDF, .txt or .doc files among others. You could combine this widget with any other user management widget to create your own Intranet.



  • An advanced widget where no Database is required to function.
  • Place this widget on one page or multiple URL. You can supervise all user submissions in the same Control Panel.
  • We have created an alternative to default database storage to improve Muse users experience. It is based on CSV files (Comma Separated Values), that means you can store, edit and manage information in your server without any MySQL database.
  • Based on CSV files that any PHP compatible server without database should be able to read and write. Note that Business Catalyst Hosting does not support PHP.
  • A nice pagination displays automatically when there are many submissions. You can style it too and choose a pagination effect.
  • This widget has many styling options for you to customize the widget as you like.
  • Image gallery with lightbox display.
  • Control Panel with protected login. Username and password is requiered to access backend for security reasons.
  • Regulate all submissions. You are able to choose which ones you want to show.
  • Modify or delete all descriptions in your private Control Panel.
  • You can easily export and backup all comments with one click. In your private backend you will find a CSV Download button.
  • Open your export in Excel or any other software that allows you to read and write CSV.
  • You can use “Default” fonts, web fonts installed in Muse or Typekit.
  • This widget uses Ajax coding. This reduces spam as bots will not be able to detect the form and make submissions.


  1. Open & edit contribute.php with Notepad++ (or another software that will not change file encoding).
  2. Change at least username, password and csvname values (do not use default values to increase security).
  3. Add Widget element into your Muse Workspace.
  4. Attach contribute.php file in widget settings, you will see how preview changes showing you dummy comments.
  5. Customize as you want and upload your website to any PHP compatible server.
  6. Once you have uploaded it, write your first comment and refresh page to see results over submit form.
  7. You should take into account that these form elements are not editable directly in Adobe Muse nor you can add more fields (since Muse does not support upload fields) so to control the form layout you must use the widget settings.


  1. If you did not change your filename, your backend login screen will appear in http://yoursite.com/assets/contribute.php
  2. Visit control panel URL and enter the username and the password you have previously set up. Using control panel you can check all comments received, edit or delete them.


Below you can see two buttons that will give you access to the main ways to use this widget. These demos are just design suggestions. You can customize Contribute it as you want







Currently, the widget does not support captcha but we created the submit form without any <form> labels. This should make harder to submit spam. You can also moderate submissions.
You have probably used a text editor that has changed the file enconding. We recommend editing a fresh version of contribute.php with Sublime or Notepad++
Open widget settings and delete contribute.php. Then, reattach the php file again.
This widget requires Adobe Muse CC 2017 and up. Usually we can provide a widget compatible with older versions if you contact us, but we do not provide support for it and we cannot guarantee its full functionality.

6 reviews for Contribute

  1. Kara

    love your new widget released!!

  2. Patmah (verified owner)

    Great widget and wonderful guidance. Thank you

  3. Aaron

    Nice widget and great support!

  4. Carsten

    Everything is displayed and comes also in the panel, I unfortunately can not send, it happens nothing. I deleted the file and reinstalled it.

    Carsten Fritsch

    • responsive-muse (verified owner)

      Hi Carsten.
      Please, submit a support ticket with your site URL so we can help you to solve it.
      Thank you!

  5. Lora Brooks

    It’s a bit complex to set up but it is good

  6. colin

    A PHP programmer wanted to charge me more than $2000 for something like this 🙂

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