License-Free Icons: Attribution-Free Resources for Commercial Use

Attribution-Free Resources for Commercial Use Free Course

Welcome to our comprehensive course on free online resources for commercial use! In this series of chapters, we will introduce you to numerous websites and libraries offering license-free assets that can boost your productivity to new heights.

When it comes to incorporating icons, images, logos, text, fonts, audio, videos, 3D models, or any other type of asset into your commercial projects, it’s crucial to navigate copyright laws responsibly. That’s where this course comes in, aiming to equip digital professionals with valuable information that can save them countless hours and thousands of dollars.

As an evolving course, we will continually update it with new chapters as we discover high-quality sources of free resources for commercial use. To ensure you don’t miss out on any of the upcoming chapters featuring exciting resource libraries, we highly recommend subscribing now.

Once Chapter 2 is released, we’ll also create a playlist on our channel so you can binge-watch all the chapters back-to-back while enjoying some popcorn.

Now, let’s dive into Chapter 1: Free Icons!

In this first episode, we’ll introduce you to an incredible website that offers a wide range of icons for free download and use. Say hello to Uxwing!

Uxwing is a fantastic option when you’re working on commercial projects with a tight budget or tight deadlines. This user-friendly website allows you to freely download thousands of icons, conveniently categorized by theme. What’s more, Uxwing features a highly effective icon search engine to help you find the perfect icons for your projects.

Most icons on Uxwing can be downloaded in both PNG and SVG formats, providing flexibility and compatibility for various design needs. Notably, Uxwing stands out from its competitors by offering these icons with a license for commercial use and without the need for any attribution requirements.

To get a taste of what Uxwing has to offer, we’ve included some sample searches below. However, we encourage you to explore the website yourself at

  • Search: “social media”
  • Search: “business”
  • Search: “technology”

The best part? You don’t even need to create an account or go through a lengthy registration process. Uxwing allows for a seamless and swift downloading experience.

You can try the tool at

We hope you found this first video of our course informative and insightful.

In the next chapter: Free 1 Minute Logos.

In the upcoming chapter, we’ll introduce you to an amazing tool that can help you create professional-looking logos in just one minute. Trust us when we say these free logos are guaranteed to impress!

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Join us on this journey of discovering remarkable resources for digital professionals, and unleash your creativity without any limitations!

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