How to use CC Libraries in Muse

There are many ways to share assets between your applications but Creative Cloud Subscribers haver what is called CC Libraries. You can organize, share your assets and easily access them across other apps. Keep your frequently used assets like icons, logos and color themes in your CC library!

In this tutorial you are going to learn how to save color swatches and graphics to your CC Libraries. We are going to save the assets in Adobe Illustrator and then use them in Adobe Muse.

  1. As an example, we are going to use an Animal Icon Set from To add the color swatches, we can add them individually or in a group. To add them individually, click on the color you want to add, go to Swatches Panel and click on New Swatch. A new window will appear and make sure “Add to my library” is selected.



To add the whole group of colors at once, select them all and in the Swatches Panel, click on the folder icon to create a New Color Group. Click on the group and click on the Sync button (cloud icon) so it will sync with your CC library.


Go to Adobe Muse and check your Library to make sure your swatches have been synced.


2. To add graphics to your library, you just have to open the library and drag the graphic to the panel. Always check in Muse to make sure the assets have been synced.



This is an easy and fast way to get make your assets accessible among all the applications of the Creative Cloud.

Watch tutorial on Youtube!

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