How to create a cool Highlight effect in Muse with a Slideshow

I was thinking about creating something new with the built in widgets in Adobe Muse, but then I remembered Muse landing page and a slideshow that I saw there that captured my attention. So I got inspired and tried to recreate it and then tried to give it another use so you guys can get inspired too.

I used assets from Freepik. I modified it and created 5 different slides. In each slide, a few elements keep their own color, so it will look like they are highlighted, while the background and the browser’s fill will have the same dark color.

I exported the assets as SVG, because this format works really good in Adobe Muse. I dragged the Blank slideshow widget out to my workspace and attached my files there. Remember to get rid of all the fills! it is very important to delete them as the fill will show in the background.

Also, I deleted the arrows and used Font Awesome icons instead. Here is the tutorial on how to use Font Awesome in Muse.

Watch the video and get inspired! There are many possibilities as you can hide and reveal elements of a composition.


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