How to add responsive content in Muse – Chapter 9

It will reach a point where you have to adapt all your web elements to your different breakpoints. In this chapter you will learn how to make your Adobe Muse website responsive. Now it is the time to make decisions, how will the design break whenever it reaches a small breakpoint so it will look good in small devices.

Each design is different so you will have to make different adjustments according to all the elements that you will place on your page. In this chapter you will learn the basic steps ad shortcuts like “copy size and position to” all breakpoints or a specific breakpoints. This will save lots of time and work as you will just have to make minor fixes.

In this tutorial you will see how to edit one page of the Coworking template that we have been designing in this Adobe Muse Course for beginners. 

Watch the video for more detailed information.


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