How to add a favicon to your Adobe Muse website

A favicon or a favorite icon is an icon that is displayed in the browser’s address bar and tab. It is also the icon that distinguishes you from others when you bookmark a site. A favicon is a small squared icon, usually 16 x 16 or 32 x 32 pixels, that distinguishes your website from others.

Imagine a user that has many tabs open. Adding a favicon to your website will help this user identify your website among the open tabs. A favicon can be anything that relates to your website but usually it is part of your logo.

It is very easy to upload your favicon to your Adobe Muse site. There are also free online tools that can help you resize that element that you want as a favicon. Follow these steps to get yours!

  1. Visit You can choose add-favicon-adobe-muse1add-favicon-adobe-muse3
  2. Upload your element. As you can see in Responsive Muse we just use the “M” from our logo. Once uploaded it will instantly download a folder with all the sizes that you have selected.add-favicon-adobe-muse2
  3. In Muse go to File -> Site properties ->Content and at the bottom right you will see “favicon image”. Click on the folder next to it to upload your favicon.add-favicon-adobe-muse4Watch the tutorial for more detailed steps.

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