10 cool tools for web designers that will improve your workflow

In this post we will introduce you to 10 tools that will boost your web design workflow. We understand the importance of saving time and using free tools that will simplify daily tasks. These are very useful tools that we would like to share with you. Watch the video to get a more detailed explanation of each tool, how to use them and integrate them in your workflow.

  1. Coolors

    Whenever you need inspiration or you need help creating a color scheme, Coolors is your tool. You can create color palettes easily and fast, export and share it in different formats, make adjustments and even get the colors from a picture that you love.

  2. Thumbnailed.it

    A free online tool to basically design whatever you want. You can use the predefine sizes to create blog post images, YouTube thumbnails, Facebook covers and for other social networks. You can use templates or build your own from scratch. All the elements that you will find in Thumbnailed.it are free for personal and commercial use.

  3. The Pattern Library

    A growing library of patterns designed by talented designers. If you are a designer and you want to share your creations, you can send them your pattern and they will upload it to the site.

  4. Sizzy

    Preview your site in different devices at the same time. Just paste your URL and you can see how your changes look in a small phones and tablets. You change the orientation of the devices, filter them by brand and see how your site will look whenever the keyboard pops up.

  5. YouTube thumbnail image

    Get the thumbnail image of any YouTube video. Just paste the link and you will easily get the image. If you are designing a page that contains many videos, it will probably load very slow. As a solution, you can get the thumbnail, bring it to your site and link it to the video.

  6. JotForm

    Create in a few minutes your own contact form for free. You can add widget like images, reservation date, conduct surveys, register for events. Once you are done with your design, you will get a direct link or different options to bring this form into your site, including integration in other platforms.

  7. Placeholder

    If you want to create a template or present your client the layout of the site without images, this placeholder generator is very handy. It works with tools that accept adding URL of an image instead of uploading the picture. You can customise the size and the color of the placeholder.

  8. Image Downloader

    A Chrome extension that allows you to bulk download all the images from one page with just a few clicks. Instead of right clicking one by one each picture, you can bulk download them with this extension.

  9. Stylebot

    You can change the appearance of a website with custom CSS. Yo can click each element of the page and change it. You also save the CSS and share it with other users that use this Chrome extension. They just have to copy the code in the extension options to preview the changes.

  10. Toby

    Organic your browser tabs in collections. You can share this collections privately or you can create a common board with your team to share interesting sites and tools.


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