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    when i create in muse, everything look find. but after i upload to my website, the existing blog that create by easyblog (the 3 original blog) image still can see. But when i try to create new post, the thumbnail image disappear.
    Please let me know anything i can do about this.

    My page
    go to my page and u will know what i said.



    We have been checking it and it seems that your server is not using standard filepaths.

    That’s a common issue, to solve it, you need to set the “basepath” value inside the PHP file.

    You can find instructions about how to use this feature in the product page (and V2 video) and also in this thread:


    I Have tried the “basepath” solution, but it still look the same.
    I try to use localhost to host and try, it have a same problem too.
    My PHP 7.1
    Any idea how to solve it?


    I do not see the basepath option active in your demo URL, you can paste a screenshot of your PHP file settings here if you want us to check them.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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