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  • Omair
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    I am loving this widget! Especially, the fact that its so simple. My question however is this: My client wants the share buttons on each post to appear on the left of the page on each post. Can we change the position of the share buttons? Right now they just appear below each post.

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    In addition to the above question, I have three more questions:
    – I have made 3 categories in the blog, how can I let my visitors to choose between the categories and view posts of that particular category. Right now, the blog only shows the category I mentioned in the widget and there is no user-navigation to switch between categories.
    – I noticed the blog of your website responsive-muse.com has a section “Recent Post”. How can I have the same functionality for my blog?
    – There is a search functionality in the control panel, but there isn’t one for the visitor? Is there a way to have it for the visitor as well?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hi Omair.

    – If you mean vertical distribution of the icons floating on the left side on the page, that is not possible, you would probably need to write a lot of custom CSS to make it work.

    As a small example, you can try this custom CSS snippet to change the floating buttons from left to right. You can paste custom CSS by putting it in the head by going to the Metadata tab of Page Properties (Page -> Page Properties).

    .result #share {
        float: right!important;

    – About the categories, you must create a separated Muse page for each category. So you will have 3 Muse pages (one per category) that you can link as you want.

    – About the recent posts, I’m afraid that is a WordPress functionality (our shop runs in Woocommerce).

    – About the search, since the posts are dynamically loaded from a CSV file, you cannot search them using third party Muse search solutions like our real search widget. Your best bet would be using Google Search, you can find more info at https://developers.google.com/custom-search/docs/start Notice that your posts need to be indexed by Google to appear in the Google Search bar results.

    I hope it helps!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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