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    my reviews dont show up on other devices. If i send a test review it appears on my computer for a while and then disappears.. But in the CSV control Panel i can see all the sent reviews.

    Someone got a solution ?


    Problem solved, thanks to the Supoort Team!

    If someone else got this Problem here is the reason and the Solution:

    It is a common SEO mistake that a lot of sites may experience that both www and non www versions are accesible.

    For any web tool and search engines, www and non www versions are different pages, so we coded our tool to work like the standard.

    To correct this you should choose what version of your site do you want (with or without www) and then use a redirection. That redirection will automatically redirect you to the chosen page.

    You can check this to better understanding:

    https://responsive-muse.com/ -> our main domain
    https://www.responsive-muse.com/ -> we do not like this one, so it will automatically redirect you to the main domain

    Creating a redirection should be easy, but it depends on your hosting provider. It is usually done using a .htaccess file in your main FTP folder.

    Some info about htaccess redirection:




    Thanks Patrick for updating the topic!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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