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    We were looking at it. Chrome changes the way percentage column width works, and it affects specially small blocks like yours.

    We would need to make more tests until we provide a widget update.

    Can you please try this CSS and tell us if it solves the problem in your site?

    .picEventcol {
    	width: 77px!important;
    .dateEventcol {
    	width: 44px!important;

    If this code solves it, maybe we can add a new optional widget setting to allow users to set columns width in pixels.

    Thank you!

    NOTE: You can use custom CSS by either using Object -> Insert HTML or putting it in the tag by going to the Metadata tab of Page Properties (Page -> Page Properties)


    Hi used the CSS and now its functioning just right! thanks!

    I mailed i while ago about the search widget. You told about an updated version. any news on that?


    I was talking to my colleagues about your email.

    We updated Real Search just a few days ago and we are also giving some coupons in our Facebook page.
    Probably if you send us a private message there, our admin can provide you one of that coupons 🙂

    Kind regards!


    We just updated FB Events widget adding fixed columns size (optional) and other settings!

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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