The best platforms to build an online shop: WooCommerce vs Prestashop vs Shopify vs Etsy vs Amazon vs eBay vs AliExpress vs Wix

To sell your products online, you need to build an e-Commerce site or rely on a third-party platform to sell your goods. You may have lots of questions like [...]

How to check if your website is malware infected and prevent a hack

It is very important to keep your website safe. Your site's security is important for you and for your users, to maintain your reputation and privacy. There are many [...]

The best free powerful PowerPoint presentations to stand out

PowerPoint is the most popular software to create professional presentations for meetings, business proposals or school presentations for teachers and students. It is a familiar tool where you can [...]

Let’s compare Adobe Muse vs Dreamweaver vs Webflow vs Adobe XD vs WordPress vs Wix vs Bootstrap Studio vs Spark vs Squarespace

There are so many programs out there to build websites... But, what are the differences among them? If you are at the point where you are looking for Adobe [...]

WooCommerce is now compatible with WordPress Themes Generator

Last week we announced that Themes Generator is already compatible with two of the best free slideshow plugins: Meta Slider and Smart Slider 3. This week, we are excited [...]

How to add a slideshow in WordPress with Themes Generator

Slideshows are the most used element on homepages. They are usually placed right below the navigation menu but you can also find them in other sections. As we know [...]

The best Adobe Muse Alternatives

In March 26th, 2018 Adobe announced that the feature improvement released that same day, would be the last one. This was very upsetting news for all the Muse community. [...]

How to create a WordPress theme from scratch for free

You can create your WordPress theme using Themes Generator for free. In this post, we will cover the steps you need to follow to make your own WordPress theme [...]

Free themes Vs Premium Themes: Which one is best?

What is better for building your website, a free theme or a premium theme? In our opinion, it depends on the budget your have. If you are on a low [...]

Creating layouts with a free visual builder – Chapter 4

In this chapter we will learn how to build a layout using a free visual builder in WordPress. Remember that this is a free plugin and to build layouts [...]

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