How to embed a Spotify playlist in Adobe Muse

Spotify is a streaming music service that you can use in your desktop, tablet or smartphone. A part from listening to millions of songs online, if you are a [...]

How to use opacity scroll effect in Adobe Muse

In your Adobe Muse website you can choose fluid, fixed breakpoints or combine them. If you select fixed breakpoints, you can add scroll effects. In this tutorial I am [...]

Download Adobe Muse Widgets completely for free- Part 1

In our online shop you can find many free widgets that you can download just by registering. You will not need to submit any credit card details when you [...]

Learn how to embed 360 images to your Adobe Muse website

360 images have become very popular these days. Instead of taking a normal picture, you can see what surrounds you. On the web you can find 360 images of [...]

How to Format text in the different breakpoints in your Adobe Muse website

In responsive designs you need to resize all your web elements. Your images need to be reduced and optimised and the size of your text blocks need to fit [...]

Thumbnailed.it! Design faster and for free

Designing can be very challenging, specially when you use programs like Photoshop and Illustrator that requiere time and learn how all the tools work. But there are online tools like [...]

How to test your Adobe Muse website speed performance

A website loading time is very important so when you design your Adobe Muse website, you need to optimise all the elements so your pages will load faster. Statistics [...]

How to add a favicon to your Adobe Muse website

A favicon or a favorite icon is an icon that is displayed in the browser's address bar and tab. It is also the icon that distinguishes you from others [...]

Learn how to create a Fade effect hamburger menu

Here is another way to create a mobile menu without purchasing any widgets. I am going to use the Tooltip widget to create a hamburger menu. You can find [...]

Hamburger Menu with Lightbox and Text effect tutorial

Learn how to create your own customized hamburger menu with a lightbox effect using Adobe Muse built-in widgets. The only widget that we are going to use is the [...]

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