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Return To Top Adobe Muse Widget

This widget allows you to add a return to top arrow at the bottom of your website. When you scroll down your page, a sticky back-to-top button will automatically appear. When you click on it, it will smoothly scroll to the top of the page.  It’s a very easy to use widget and you can customize all colors and transparencies.

When your website has a lot of content, adding a jump-to-the-top-page button enables users to easily return to the top of a page instead of scrolling all the way up again. It is a useful feature when your website pages are long. You can easily customize the background color and the hover color of the icon and arrow, align it right or left and play with the circle radius to make it look more like a square or leave it like a circle.



  1. Add the widget into Muse workspace.
  2. Set up your desired colors.
  3. Decrease border radius to transform the circle into a square.
  4. It will automatically appear at the bottom right (or left if you change it) when you scroll down your page.




3 reviews for Return to Top Widget

  1. Joao

    very easy to edit

  2. Kate

    nice. Works fine for me

  3. Halina

    It’s really nice. Just would like to customize the icon.

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