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Displaying PDF documents on your website is a great way to share information with your community. Our PDF viewer widget provides the ability to display multiple PDF files anywhere in your Adobe Muse pages.

This Adobe Muse Widget uses Google Docs PDF viewer, which makes it possible to quickly view documents online without leaving browser. This widget is a nice way of showing any kind of document like manuals, terms of use or any other information without the need of installing or starting any other application. Users can navigate through the pages, zoom in and ope the desired document in a full screen.

You can resize the widget, stretch it to browsers width to make it 100% responsive or just upload the pdf and it will automatically adapt its size to the document.



– Resizable widget.
– Users can navigate, zoom pages and open documents in a full screen viewer.
– Display your PDF document inside this widget, it will automatically adapt to height and width.
– Users do not need Adobe Reader or browser PDF viewer, widget uses Google Docs embeddable PDF viewer.



We have coded an alternative widget based in PDF.js to avoid some iOS bugs still unsolved. You can check more info about this iOS bug at https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=164512


  1. You will not see any widget content in your Muse workspace, but do not worry, the PDF file will appear later.
  2. This widget will not work in local preview, you must upload your site to your server.
  3. This widget requires an additional step to make it work. You only need to do this step the first time.
    1. Extract the .zip file content
    2. Use FileZilla or any other FTP software and upload the folders “build” and “web” to the ROOT folder (usually public_html) of your website.
  4. Attach your PDF document to the widget settings and upload your site normally.


1 – Add PDF widget into Muse workspace.
2 – Resize it as you need. Choose ‘stretch to browser with’ to make it 100% responsive easily.
3 – Use ADD FILE option to attach your PDF file.
4 – Use as many widgets per page as you want.


[button link=”https://responsive-muse.com/demos/widget-pdf-display/” color=”orange” size=”” stretch=”” type=”” shape=”” target=”_blank” title=”” gradient_colors=”|” gradient_hover_colors=”|” accent_color=”” accent_hover_color=”” bevel_color=”” border_width=”1px” icon=”” icon_divider=”yes” icon_position=”center” modal=”” animation_type=”0″ animation_direction=”down” animation_speed=”0.1″ alignment=”center” class=”” id=””]PREVIEW[/button]




5 reviews for PDF Display

  1. Yanis

    Using Google PDF viewer is a great solution!

  2. Angela Bryant (verified owner)

    An error message occurs when attempting to load into the library: “An error occurred importing library ‘PDFdisplay.mulib’, unexpected format number ‘363’.

  3. Swann


  4. Vogler

    useful widget. I got the same error, thx for the tip about it.

  5. Ferrari

    It does not work in local preview but it worked when I uploaded my site

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