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2019 IMPORTANT UPDATE – DO NOT PURCHASE THIS WIDGET UNLESS…: with all the recent privacy problems of Facebook, they are doing a lot of changes and they have canceled a lot of apps using their API. Any app requires now a revision from the Facebook team. To make this widget work, you will need an approved app, which is almost impossible to get nowadays. Read more at: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/apps/review

Now you can add to your website all your Facebook Albums as a gallery. We know how painful it can be to resize, upload all your pictures and create your albums. Specially when you first started with a Facebook Fanpage and you have all your work uploaded there. And what happens when you have to update your galleries? You have to do all this work twice, on your Facebook Fanpage and on your site. But with this widget you only have to do this once.

This Facebook Album Gallery Adobe Muse Widget allows you to link all your Facebook Albums to your site. You can choose which ones you want to display, if you want share buttons, display profile info and comments among other features. Another advantage is that you do not need to be the page owner to use this widget!

When you click on a Facebook album, this will open the gallery and show all the pictures in it. Click on a photo and use the arrows to browse all the album and see the pictures in a bigger size.

By purchasing this widget, you will get 2 widgets for different purposes:

Facebook Album Gallery: it will show a gallery browser of your selected fan page albums so users can go through all of them.
Facebook Single Album Gallery: it will show the gallery of a single album. If you just want your web user to see a specific gallery and there is no need for them to see the rest, then use this widget.


  • Create website galleries, individual or separated in different albums.
  • Provide your clients a easy way to update website galleries. They just need to upload the photos to Facebook.
  • Show your web portfolio connected to Facebook.
  • Display photograpy works.
  • Show image archives.


  • Facebook responsive gallery.
  • Option to show Addthis share box below every picture.
  • Exclude any album from album browser.
  • Show or hide picture comments.
  • Show or hide share buttons.
  • Show or hide image text.
  • Show or hide image counter.
  • Show or hide image Facebook comments.
  • Show or hide Facebook profile info.
  • Select max number of comments to show.
  • Select thumbnail size.
  • Set gallery alignment to left or center.

NOTE: you should not use both single and multiple album widgets in same page.


  1. Drop widget to Adobe Muse.
  2. Resize it as you need.
  3. Set your Facebook account, Facebook Access Token and excluded albums.
  4. Customize widget as you want.


  • Added new color settings and option to set a custom back icon image URL.


  • Vertically centered images & styling bugs fixed.


9 reviews for Facebook Album Gallery

  1. Rioga


  2. sam.kajjan

    I have a question, is it possible to customize the lightbox?

    Thank you

    • responsive-muse

      At the moment, you can show or hide comments, text and share buttons in lightbox. What kind or customization where you thinking of?

  3. marten (verified owner)

    Super thing but i want to change the colors.

    • responsive-muse

      Thank you! we just replied you in forums. Any feedback there is welcome, we will update it adding more color selectors.

    • responsive-muse

      Done! you can download V2 with new features from your account

  4. arjenuitbeijerse

    Is this widget only for FanPage? Not for private page?

    • responsive-muse (verified owner)

      Yes, it currently works only with fanpages, no personal profiles.

  5. Steve

    Can you share an example when you include comments, show the profile information, add share buttons to each photo and text.

  6. Antoine Pasquet

    Nice. Any advices about FB privacy regulation to use properly your widget?

    • responsive-muse (verified owner)

      Keep in mind that Facebook is just the platform where you will control your gallery content, so you should see privacy regulation like any other website gallery.

  7. tammy

    easy way to update website galleries

  8. Cezar

    The gallery automatically updates when you upload new images into your Facebook fanpage. Saves a lot of time! Too bad it is only available for fanpages and not private pages.

  9. Joshua Polly (verified owner)

    Hmm… it was working well, but then I added some photos to one of my 14 photo albums on Facebook, and that broke it on my website. Nothing I do in this widget seems to help make it work again.

    • responsive-muse (verified owner)

      Hi Joshua!

      Please send us a ticket and provide as much detailed information as possible about your issue.
      Our support team will help you.

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