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A  full blogging system to create your personal blog in Adobe Muse. You can easily integrate it in Muse!

  • Easy to setup, no database required.
  • You can use this widget on one page or multiple URL.
  • Control Panel with protected login to publish, unpublish, edit and delete blog posts.
  • You need to use Easyblog in a PHP compatible server.
  • Adobe Muse 2018 or up required.

Check the complete details here.

This premium version does not include author credits. If you want the free version of Easy blog widget with credits, check Easy Blog Free.

IMPORTANT, read before purchasing: when sharing the posts URLs in the social networks, the preview from the post title, description and image (og tags) will not be unique for each post. This is a Muse limitation and we cannot provide a solution. You can use our free opengraph widget in your blog page to manage your posts preview, but notice that the preview will be the same for all your posts.

Update V2

  • Pretty URL’s added.
  • Additional option for the back button added.
  • Advanced settings: optional scroll to anchor option when loading the single posts. Write the anchor name in the “anchorofthesinglepost” value. Leave it empty to disable it.
  • Advanced settings: optional basepath value. Use it if your server is showing wrong image paths.
  • Disqus comments integration added. Just enter your Disqus shortname to configure it.
  • Share buttons added.
  • Several bug fixes.

How to configure Disqus

  • You can check your Disqus shortname in their platform integration instructions.
  • Leave the shortname field empty to disable comments.
  • Configure comments appareance, moderation and a lot of other options at disqus.com

How to configure Share buttons

  • Write “current” to share the current post URL.
  • Leave the field empty to disable the share button.

How to use basepath advanced setting

Some servers may have problems when they are using non standard file paths. We have added a new setting to correct this issue. If you encounter this problem while using EasyBlog, you will want to use this setting.

For example, if your blog is located at https://responsive-muse.com/demos/widget-easy-blog, you will want to set basepath like: $basepath=”https://responsive-muse.com/demos/widget-easy-blog”; 

You can find basepath variable around line 40 in the easyblog.php file.

Update V2.2

  • Small bug fix to solve missing post titles problem.

9 reviews for EasyBlog Premium

  1. Titanium

    Great addition to the widget collection, I´m checking this, thank you guys

  2. Sunna

    This is good. Control Panel is great for clients to update their blog.

  3. carlos cerrada

    very good!

  4. Tara

    Thanks for the update. Adding Disqus comments has definitely improved it!

  5. Julie

    Love the idea of this tool. Just wondering if EasyBlog creates an RSS feed that can be used on other platforms like MailChimp?

    • responsive-muse

      Hi Julie. It does not create a RSS feed yet, but thank you very much for your suggestion!

  6. mleonardi516 (verified owner)

    I’m a designer who knows no code. I found this to not only be a powerful solution, but the support team was BEYOND helpful in helping me troubleshoot my issues and inadvertently taught a little about code along the way. They stayed in communication with me until I was 100% satisfied.

  7. Hiro (verified owner)

    I downloaded a pro.
    I like this easyblog very much.
    Let me ask you a question.
    Is there a way to change the order of already posted articles?

    • responsive-muse

      Thank you for the nice words! 🙂
      The posts are ordered by datetime (when they are created).
      Since your post order is stored in a .csv file, you could edit that file and reorder the lines. Anyway, be careful and create a backup, since any wrong .csv modification can break the file.

  8. ANDRES (verified owner)

    Help!! please!!!

    I bought the premium version, I followed the instructions but I can’t get the images to load, this is an error that you see.

    Warning: readfile(1512419427.txt): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/mhd-01/www.moiracastellano.com/htdocs/assets/easyblog.php on line 634


    • responsive-muse

      We have replied you by email, thanks!

  9. ANDRES (verified owner)

    Excellent!!! good Job!!

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