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A free full blogging system to create your personal blog in Adobe Muse. You can easily integrate it in Muse!

  • Easy to setup, no database required.
  • You can use this widget on one page or multiple URL.
  • Control Panel with protected login to publish, unpublish, edit and delete blog posts.
  • You need to use Easyblog in a PHP compatible server.
  • Adobe Muse 2018 or up required.

Check the complete details here.

This free version includes author credits. If you want a version of Easy blog widget without  credits, check Easy Blog Pro.

Update V2

  • Pretty URL’s added.
  • Additional option for the back button added.
  • Advanced settings: optional scroll to anchor option when loading the single posts. Write the anchor name in the “anchorofthesinglepost” value. Leave it empty to disable it.
  • Advanced settings: optional basepath value. Use it if your server is showing wrong image paths.
  • Disqus comments integration in Pro version.
  • Share buttons added in Pro version.
  • Several bug fixes.

How to use basepath advanced setting

Some servers may have problems when they are using non standard file paths. We have added a new setting to correct this issue. If you encounter this problem while using EasyBlog, you will want to use this setting.

For example, if your blog is located at https://responsive-muse.com/demos/widget-easy-blog, you will want to set basepath like: $basepath=”https://responsive-muse.com/demos/widget-easy-blog”; 

You can find basepath variable around line 40 in the easyblog.php file.

Update V2.2

  • Small bug fix to solve missing post titles problem.

9 reviews for EasyBlog Free

  1. Gunsroses

    I’ll check it tomorrow and rate 5 stars if I like it, thanks 🙂

  2. kiliam

    this is amazing thank you very much

  3. Marion (verified owner)

    I give it a 2 so far. Do you have to purchase the pro to even blog? I get no options for my own stuff, which I don’t mind the ads, but when you are not able to put your own stuff into it, it’s useless.

    • responsive-muse

      Hi Marion! The free blog is exactly the same as the pro, but the pro removes the widget credits and includes premium support. I think you missunderstood the final steps. On the first install, the widget includes some dummy content that you can remove to add your own content using the control panel.

  4. paxton

    this is the best free widget ever!!!!! you are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. nikon

    this widget is a must for Muse

  6. Roland (verified owner)

    Yes, it works. Great to have a blog in the Muse website. However I have some questions:
    is it possible to create a more seo-friendly link to the post? I.E. the blog title in de url instead of the blogpost ID

    And second: the [Back] button above my post links to the previous page in my history. But I like to include my postlink in an email and would like to link the ‘back’-button to the blog overview-page. How can I do that.

    I will get the PRO version immediatly when this works 🙂 Thanks a lot for your feedback.

    • responsive-muse

      Hi Roland!
      Thanks for your comment and suggestions.
      You just asked about two improvements that are already in our to-do list for the next version.
      We are not sure if pretty URL´s will be a problem in other languages, but our dev team will try all approaches.
      Kind regards.

  7. Alex (verified owner)

    Bonjour! I love this widget already – great stuff! it does totally work. I bought the premium because this seems much better than a subscription for Muse CMS based products. Everything seems great…but I am having issues posting media. When I attempt to embed youtube videos via the EMBED MEDIA module I receive an infinite load circle. I do hope this is just on my end or it is still being developed. Other than that this is easily the most honest and functional Muse CMS I have seen thus far.

    • responsive-muse

      Hi Alex! thank you very much for your nice words.
      May you be using https/SSL in your site?
      Sometimes, third party embeds may fail if you embed them using control panel under https and later you visit your website as http.
      If that is not the case, please, send us a support ticket so our dev team can check it.
      UPDATE: you can check the solution at https://responsive-muse.com/forums/topic/cannot-save-post-after-video-embed/

  8. cris

    Very good for my site, thank you

  9. tawanda (verified owner)

    This looks great. As I was following the steps, I cant access my control panel. when I use the asset link, i got error 404 – File or directory not found. how can I fix this

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