How to Export Outlook Contacts to Excel

Efficient contact management is essential in today’s digital era. Learn how to effortlessly export contacts from Microsoft Outlook to CSV or Excel, enabling seamless sharing and data backup. Streamline your workflow and boost productivity with this step-by-step guide.

    • Step 1: The Need for Contact Export Exporting contacts enables sharing, collaboration, and data safety.
    • Step 2: Preparing for Export Create a new contact folder in Outlook as a destination for the contacts you want to export.
    • Step 3: Organizing Contacts Add desired contacts to the new folder using drag-and-drop.
    • Step 4: Initiating the Export Process Right-click the new folder, select “New Folder,” and provide a name. Hold Ctrl and click to select multiple contacts. Drag them into the folder and click “Copy.”
    • Step 5: Saving Contacts Click “File,” then “Open & Export,” and select “Import/Export.” Choose “Export to a file,” pick CSV, and proceed.
    • Step 6: Selecting the Destination Choose the new contact folder and save the CSV file in a convenient location.
    • Step 7: Completing the Export Review selections and click “Finish” to complete the export process.
    • Step 8: Leveraging the CSV File Open the exported CSV file in Excel or any compatible program for data manipulation.

    Master contact export from Outlook to CSV or Excel to optimize contact management and boost productivity. Embrace this simple technique to unlock Outlook’s potential.

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