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    hi everyone,

    i put the widget on my page and changed the background color so it would match the browser background. but in preview or after export/upload it is always back to the default color; thus creating this light grey box around the widged, which i want to avoid.
    changing the button or text color is working fine. just the background color.

    i created a new page to double-check – and it works here. so i guess there must be a setting in my initial page causing this issue? any ideas what it might be?


    ok, i found the problem myself. but for anyone experiencing the same issue:

    my page had the widget integrated in a lightbox-popup and again at the bottom of the (rather long) page. apparently the two cannot have different background colors. this can not be solved by moving one of them to the master page.


    Hi David!

    Since this is a slightly old widget, it does not support multiple widgets in same page.

    Probably your both widget styles were in conflict.

    We plan to update it in future to allow it, we will announce when done.

    Thanks a lot for your feeedback!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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