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Ok, looks like my issues may have been solved, which I might add had nothing to do with my hosting company settings as suggested.

The problems were in fact:

1. Responsive Muse, you never explained in your video’s or when answering my query, that any images you wish to use in your post, MUST be uploaded into the image gallery in your control panel. (Took all day to figure that one out).

2. The PHP version needed updating.

I am shocked that considering this is, in fact, your own widget, your first response was to point me in the direction of my hosting company and even when I came back to you explaining that their settings were correct, you were still adamant the problem lay with them????

I think you need to redo your tutorials on Youtube as these are what I was using and following to learn how to use your widget. I have to say, more explanation is very much needed. Not everyone is a computer/PHP/Server genius to be able to solve said issues.