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Search & Replace Widget

This text widget is going to search and replae words from this paragraph. In the image above you can see the widget settings. You just need to type the word to search and the word to be replaced. In this demo, you will see the replaced word in uper case.


1. Purchase and Download the Widget.

2. Once download, unzip to the desired folder/location. You will find two files: Mulib and readme.txt

3. Double click the .mulib file to install the widget. The double click automatically installs the widget.

4. Go to your Library Panel to find the Widget. The Library Panel is where you will find all your widgets.

5. Drag it to your site.

6. Open the widget options and Customize it!


When you download the widget, you must extract the zip file and you will find several files:

-  One Mulib.

-  readme.txt, a document with full instructions.

-  contribute.php

Follow these steps to customize your Widget:

1. Drag the widget to your workspace.

2. Type the word to search.

3. Type the word to be replaced with.

4. Place as many widgets as you want.

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