1. Purchase and Download the Widget.

2. Once download, unzip to the desired folder/location. You will find two files: Mulib and Read me

3. Double click the .mulib file to install the widget. The double click automatically installs the widget.

4. Launch Adobe Muse and go to your Library Panel to find the Widget named “Responsive Popup”. The Library Panel is where you will find all your widgets.

5. Drag it to your site and place the widget on the top layer. If needed, send the rest of the elements to the back.

6. Open the widget options and Customize it!

When you download the widget, you must extract the zip file and you will find 2 files:

- Mulib, which is the widget

- Read me, a document with full instructions.



1. Start selecting a background color for your popup. A color selector will be displayed to help you.

2. Choose the title and write the text that you want to show in the popup.

3. Choose the title color and text color. The color selector here is very helpful!

4. Add an image if you wish. This is completely optional.

5. If you have added an image, you can change its width.

6. Choose your top margin. If you leave it as it is, the popup will appear on the top half of the site. If you increase the top margin, e.g. 20%, the popup will lower down.

* Place the widget on the top layer, above the rest of the elements.

** Popup only shows once per user. To test it you will need to continuously open and close incognito windows or delete your browser cookies.



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