Product Description


A Search bar is a small rectangle box that you should add to your website that lets people search what they are looking for in your site. Users only have access to the links in front of them, so if you have a bit website or a blog with many posts, a Search engine is extremely important so users can quickly find the content they want.

The Google Search Widget allows Adobe Muse Designers to place a search bar in any part of the site, whether in a sidebar, header or footer. The Muse Search Engine uses Google Custom Search to browse the content of your website.

Google Custom Search is powered by Google’s Search Algorithms which are the best and the fastest. You can customize the appearance of the bar with many styling options.


Few Recommendations: 

– Open search results in a blank page (default).
– Search engine will search only in your ‘Search domain’ results (Configure this in Widget Settings).
– Google Search may show ads sometimes over the search results.


IMPORTANT: your site pages need to be indexed by Google to appear in your search box results. If your site is completely new, results will probably not appear until some days after it has been published. You can speed up Google indexing your website by using Google Webmaster Tools.



– Search for content in all your website pages.
– Keyword based search.
– Resizable widget. Place it wherever you want in your site (header, footer, sidebar…)
– Config button text, colors, content, radius & more.
– Config search box text, colors, content, radius & more.
– Config placeholder text.
– Select search target (blank or self).
– Config search domain.



1 – Add widget into Muse workspace.
2 – Resize it as you need.
3 – Set your search domain in widget settings.
4 – Customize widget as you want.