Product Description


Real Search Adobe Muse Widget

This widget allows you to perform a recursive site search over content located inside all the .html files in your domain.

It will search contents inside paragraphs tag (that’s how Muse text blocks work).

By purchasing this product, you will receive three widgets.

  • Search box widget (optional): it will allow you to place a customized search box in any area of your website.
  • Search results widget: it will allow you to create a search page where all results will appear. It also contains a search box over results.
  • Image and description widget (optional): this widget allows you to set up og:description and og:image meta tags in every page you design. OG tags are used for displaying image and description information in search results widget.

If you are already using Facebook Opengraph metatags (your pages already show a description and picture when they are shared in Facebook) you do not need to use third widget.

IMPORTANT: your server requires PHP to run this widget. Search will work once your site is uploaded, it will not work in Adobe Muse preview. Note that Business Catalyst Hosting does not support PHP.


  • Real search inside all your .html files.
  • Search for words or complete sentences.
  • Search Results Widget with ajax search.
  • Optional Search Box Widget and Search Results Thumbnail/Description widget.
  • Attached scan.php file that will perform all search. You only need to add file to Search Results Widget and upload your site.
  • You should not use “Muse Synchronized Text” feature with this widget, since Muse will not create real .html files when uploading your site. More info here.


  • Add Search Results Widget to any of your Muse pages.  Attach scan.php file in widget settings and customize it.
  • Optionally, use Search Box Widget and Search Thumbnail/Description Data Widget.
  • Search results titles will show Adobe Muse page titles.
  • If you use Search Box Widget, you just need to point its settings to search results page. If your search results page it’s called ‘SEARCH”, your settings will point to search.html
  • If you use Page Thumbnail and Description widget, you just need to set up thumbnail image URL and description text.
  • Customize search boxes and search results styles.


  • Improved search speed algorithm.
  • Compatible also with adaptive sites.
  • Now search engine will also search inside: p, h1-h5, title and span tags.


  • Added new customization settings.
  • Added option to skip pages from search results widget. Enter page file names in lowercase, separated by comma, to skip them in search results.
  • Example: if you want to skip Home Page (index.html) and Contact Page (contact.html) from search results, you will type: “index,contact” in Skip Pages field.


  • Bug fixes.


  • Bug fixes.
  • Added optional scan.php to search also inside menu items text (not recommended).
  • Added optional scan.php to search also inside links anchor text (not recommended).