Product Description


It is very usual to find Contact Forms in websites but having an Upload Form will be convenient for some web sites.

For example, if you have business and you are hiring, your visitors can attach their resume to the Upload Form. This will enhance the form’s functionality as visitors would not need to send an extra email to you. Also, having both functionalities in one is even more convenient for your users.

The Upload Form Widget  for Adobe Muse has these features. You can style the form as you wish and choose which fields you want to show among the options we give you. Not only can you upload resumes. Think about other possibilities like uploading photos or graphics.


Main Features of Upload Contact Form Widget for Adobe Muse:

  • Add a contact form to your website.
  • The form supports one attached file. If you need to attach more than one file, compress all the files into a zip.
  • This form allows users to send you file attachments.
  • You will receive files attached in your email.
  • Resizable Widget.


  1. Drop a new widget to Adobe Muse.
  2. IMPORTANT: ADD PHP FILE “contact.php” included in your downloaded zip file.
  3. Fill in “Send to email” destination address.
  4. Fill in “From email” origin address.
  5. Customize all other available options if desired.
  6. You can show/hide phone, subject and phone fields.

UPDATE V2: now you can change font type choosing between more than 40 standard webfonts


  • Now you can send form to multiple recipients. Separate them by comma.
  • You can also set up to 5 subjects.
  • Added label texts to config, so you can modify or translate them.


  • Created new optional contactsec.php file that deals with email delivery. To avoid spam, you shold use contactsec.php instead of old contact.php.
    1. Edit contactsec.php with Notepad++ (or another software that will not change file encoding). Set up your form destination email  changing first line there:
    2. You can also add multiple destination recipients in contactsec.php separating them by comma. Keep all values between quotes as shown in example.
    3. Save contactsec.php and use ADD PHP FILE “contactsec.php” in your widget settings.


  • Bugs fixed when using multiple forms in different breakpoints.
  • Multiple files submission is now allowed.
  • Added a loading bar when file is uploading, you can customize its color.
  • Added option to redirect to any URL after upload is successful.


  • Contact and contactsec php files updated: they will not send empty fields.
  • Email body text format updated.
  • Form title: show or hide title. Control font, size, color & separator.
  • Form text labels:  customize font, size, color & width.
  • Form input labels: control a lot of settings from input fields like font, size, color, background, corner radius, borders, shadow, width or margin.
  • Form button: customize font, size, color, width, background or alignment.
  • Default font added. Select font -default- to use any Adobe Muse selected font (exported as image fonts are not valid).



  • This widget will not work in Adobe Muse Preview. You need to upload it to your PHP compatible server to see it work.
  • Make sure your Hosting Provider is PHP compatible and supports mail() PHP function. The widget needs this requirement in order to work.
  • Some servers like Banahosting or Ipage, send emails with no problems. Others, like Aruba or Godaddy, require a change in your hosting settings to enable it. Note that Business Catalyst does not support PHP. You can read more related info here:
  • Please, read “How to check if mail() PHP function is enabled in your server” or contact your hosting provider if you are not sure they meet this requirement.