How to use a Master Page

If you are new in Adobe Muse and you have never used other programs like Adobe Indesign, Master Pages might sound unknown. But really, once you learn why you should [...]

How to Hide Elements in Breakpoints

In Responsive Designs you need to adjust the size or move the elements to fit the browser size. In smaller breakpoints, the content gets more specific so you might need [...]

Free Muse Facebook Opengraph Widget

Are you tired of wrong images, titles or descriptions when you share Muse content in Facebook platform? As a Muse designer, you probably have noticed that sometimes it´s hard [...]

New features in Adobe Muse 2017

Today, Adobe has announced last update (Adobe Muse CC 2017 - November 2016) of Adobe Muse. Some of the new features included in this release seem so cool, we are impatient to [...]

6 widgets for adding Social Network updates and comments to your site

Most of us are members of various social networking sites like Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter. The use of all these different channels is growing which makes necessary to easily [...]

Free Muse Widgets to Improve SEO & Marketing

Today we will recommend you some free Adobe Muse Widgets that will help you in your marketing and SEO strategy. SEO when you are still designing It is a [...]

Baker’s: our new eCommerce Template

We know that templates are essential for web designers but there was a lack of eCommerce templates for Adobe Muse. Our Team has worked very hard to come up [...]

Getting MailChimp Submit Form URL for Adobe Muse

Log in to your MailChimp account. From your account Dashboard, click Lists in the navigation menu. (You need to create a list if you still not have one). Find [...]

Online Shop Widget….coming soon!

Yes! We are developing an Online Shop Widget. Responsive Muse is constantly trying to satisfy your demands and we know that developing a widget for a customized online shop [...]

Download our latest free widgets

We want to use this post to say thanks to all Adobe Muse users and Adobe Muse team. Many people have been giving us their support! Here you can [...]

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