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How to create a website for a Music Band in Adobe Muse

If you have a Music band or you are a solo singer, Band One Page template is a great template to build your website and show the world your [...]

Embed 3D models in Adobe Muse

If you have ever wondered how to add 3d files or models to your Adobe Muse website, now you can easily do it. Sharing complex files like 3d models [...]

Create a Horizontal parallax Scroll Effect

  Parallax effect has become very popular in web design. With this technique you can create different visual effects where the background of the website moves at a different [...]

How to create a Responsive Muse Website in 15 minutes starting from a template

  Using a template to design your website will help you save lots of time. With just a few clicks to change photos, text and icons, you can customize [...]

How to create a Muse fullscreen website with animated text

Here is another tutorial on how to create a fullscreen background with an animated text with built in widgets. I have combined the fullscreen slideshow and the tooltip widget [...]

How to create a fixed menu with Muse built in widgets

Learn how to combine different widgets from the Widget Library to create others. Have you ever thought that you could combine the vertical menu with the accordion panel? In [...]

CSS Peeper: new tool for Web Designers

Have you ever wondered which font is that site using, which color palette or where did they get those cool icons? You can use a web inspector and search [...]

How do the different libraries in Muse work?

If you are a Muse beginner, you are probably struggling with all the tools and panels and learning how to use them. Getting familiar with how everything works is very [...]

Free Responsive YouTube Playlist Widget

If you are thinking about adding many YouTube videos to your website, you should consider adding instead a YouTube Playlist. Adding a Playlist to your Adobe Muse site will reduce the [...]

Adobe Muse Unexpected Format Number 363 error

Our Developer Team has recently detected an error in Adobe Muse that causes problems while using .mulib format widgets in older versions of Muse. This problem is mainly found in [...]

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