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How to check if mail() PHP function is enabled in your server

Usually, you will need mail() PHP function working in your server for advanced features in your Adobe Muse websites (like contact forms). Best option to know if mail() PHP [...]

How to create an Easy Rollover Effect Over Images

Adobe Muse offers you some tools to create a rollover effect without using widgets. You can play with opacity, shadows or even add some colour. You can find four different [...]

How to create a full page slideshow

Slideshows are very popular elements on homepage web designs. If you are planning to design your website and you are not interested in including lots of information on your [...]

5 Muse widgets that allow clients to easily manage content

Muse Facebook Gallery Widget. This widget will allow you to show a single or a group of galleries (Facebook albums) in your Adobe Muse websites. This is so useful, [...]

The easiest way to use Font Awesome in Adobe Muse

Font Awesome gives you scalable vector icons that can easily be customised. You can change the size, color or add a drop shadow. If you visit their website, you can [...]

Using SVG in Adobe Muse

SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics.  You can save your designs created in Adobe Illustrator in this format and place them on your website designed with Adobe Muse. Now you [...]

Free Christmas Snow Widget

Do you want a new Christmas look in your Adobe Muse website designs? Try our free Muse Christmas  widget! As a small anticipated Xmas present for all Muse users, [...]

How to use a Master Page

If you are new in Adobe Muse and you have never used other programs like Adobe Indesign, Master Pages might sound unknown. But really, once you learn why you should [...]

How to Hide Elements in Breakpoints

In Responsive Designs you need to adjust the size or move the elements to fit the browser size. In smaller breakpoints, the content gets more specific so you might need [...]

Free Muse Facebook Opengraph Widget

Are you tired of wrong images, titles or descriptions when you share Muse content in Facebook platform? As a Muse designer, you probably have noticed that sometimes it´s hard [...]

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